Monday, July 16, 2007

Another Monday

Busy busy weekend. Lot's of social outings featuring cramped clubbing on Friday, engagement party on Saturday, and finally the ThisDay concert held on Sunday with Rihanna, John Legend, Diddy, Kelly Rowland (who fainted), and D'Banj (what an ashewo!). Of course I was rocking VIP tickets. It was a lovely event, and I am very impressed with This Day's new events centre. Of course seeing that I left the concert at midnight, and I am now past my prime (haven't you heard, twenties is the new fifties), I've been half asleep at work all day.

Anyway, here's the selection for today's jukebox. It reminds me of all my dysfunctional relationships (and I have lots of those). I like the message of the song, especially the lyrics in the chorus, but i love the the video a lot more. So here's all our f'ed up relationships;

Travis - Re-Offender

Plans For The Week
  1. Pamper myself
  2. Find an outfit for my dinner on Friday
  3. Find love
  4. Or at least a shag
  5. Make lots and lots of money.

Now I have to get back to work, I am trying got hold down a full time job and still remain fabulous. Not an easy feat i tell you.

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