Thursday, May 17, 2007

Non-Poker Face

During my daily read of the Times (British) online, I came across an article in the Fashion + Beauty section (the very few relevant bits of the paper) promoting the benefits of taking extra care of your appearance when you're feeling down. Apparently it helps with depression or proves a worthy distraction when suffering from depression. But you see the only personal objection I have here is this; whenever I'm down, you don't really need to look at what I'm wearing, my face tells the whole story. I have a 100% 'non-poker face'. You can gauge my reaction very easily by watching my face. the time has come to put a stop to it. So now i am looking for tips on how to mask one's true feelings. Suggestions are gladly appreciated.

I just realised I haven't shared any music on this blog yet, very odd. Anyway, Well we'll start with something very calm thats so beautiful to listen to;

Sting - When We Dance

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Just A Little Blue

I've been trying to get inspiration to come up with a post for today, and also get through all the work I have to do at my office today. I suspect my boss is trying to get me out of here quicker than my one month notice period, and when I say quicker, I mean this Friday. Well, I don't mind as long as they agree to pay me for the rest of the month. London here I come, just a little bit earlier. Which brings me to the next topic, how should I spend my time in London? Shopping is a given, but what else could I do to occupy my time? I was thinking walks on the Embankment listening to my Ipod like I used to. Some alternative clubbing, i.e. dodgy underground club somewhere in East London where everyone is off their faces on drugs, but that always leaves me feeling bored. I could do an internship in the Guardian's Style dept which a friend helped arrange last year, but I wasn’t able to make it. Hmm... that’s the best idea I have come up with so far.

I went to a very boring dinner party last night at Mr. Chang. It's a new Chinese restaurant on Awolowo Road. Very unimpressive. Oh well. However I am looking forward to an apple pie at Roberts CafĂ© with a friend, an ex-colleague this evening. She has an amazing fashion label, beautifully simple dresses, and she’s doing a sample sale. I have been appointed her PR Supremo person, so we are meeting this evening to come up with ideas for the sale. I will post pictures of her stuff soon enough.

And to round up, here are some children's letters to share with you, they are so adorable;

Thank you.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Costume Institute Gala

Here are my favourite looks from the Costume Institute Gala held at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, a bit late I know, but I didn't have a blog last week;

No 1 Best Dress
Camilla Belle in Jean Paul Gaultier

My Favourite Pair Tom Ford + Carine Roitfeld

Old Hollywood Glam Jennifer Lopez in Marchesa

Him, Not her Roland Mouret in a super sexy tux

Black Lindsay Lohan in Zac Posen

Beautiful Couple Christy Turlington in Versace + Edward Burns in Prada

Contemporary Colour and Dress Tory Burch in Proenza Schouler

For Always Being Effortless Stylish (though I don't really like the dress) Queen Rania of Jordan in Giambattista Valli.

Rich ColoursDonatella Versace + Hilary Swank both in Versace

Best Transformation (Him) Marc Jacobs

All sourced from

So which one's did you like best?

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lessons Learnt

How was your weekend? I did the most embarrassing thing a social animal such as myself could do; I went to bed at 9.30pm on Friday. A Friday night spent in bed is sign of a non-existent social life. On the plus side it meant that I got up at 6am the next morning, cleaned the whole house and did the laundry (ok, I supervised), it was followed by brunch at Le Saison. I had a chicken salad sandwich, coke, and a fruit scone (meanwhile I am meant to be on a diet). Cue in more aimless chilling at friends’ houses and generally doing nothing. Went to an incredibly boring party on Saturday night. A bit odd, as everyone was there, yet it was just very dull. Clubbing afterwards could not rescue the night. Sunday was a blur of nothingness.

I have accepted a new job offer, and will be handing in my resignation letter today (I’m a bit anxious I must admit), but what's really important is coordinating a new wardrobe for my new job (lol). First impressions counts, bad one's are never forgiven. I think a shopping trip in Europe is required. I am going for a more serious look this time round (especially after my new boss commented on my too casual look when I went in to sign the new contract, what's wrong with ‘trad’, teamed up with a pair of simple Gucci thongs?). Anyway, I am looking at dark suits paired with white and blue. And a lot more subtle accessories, less designers.

I am listening to a song called Lessons Learned by Carrie Underwood, and I think I should use it as a thought theme today. What lessons have I learnt so far in life? Hmm… off the top of my head, drinking on an empty stomach = less money spent trying to get drunk.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Where It All Began

I don't have a conscious memory of when I became interested in fashion, I do remember always been particular about colours, or more importantly, colour combinations. In fact I plan on doing a post about that later on; colours that work well together. My Aunts tell me it was very difficult dressing me up when I was younger. Apparently, I would refuse to wear what they picked if I thought it didn't go well together. I suppose I could say that my mother was a great influence. She is fantastic in combining colours when it comes to wearing 'trad' (native Nigerian clothes), and it’s very easy to go wrong there as you have a vast choice of colours to work with. A special aunt also inspired me, but she provided more of an appreciation for designers. At the end of the day, I feel style is more than the clothes you wear, the accessories you own, its more of an approach to life. And that’s what I am trying to master now, but not in that pretentious way that makes one look down at other people, more in a way where you are considered to always be well put together.

There is something very important I have left out thus far, how would I describe my style? Well, I would say it’s very simple, bordering on boring in fact. Though I tend to be more lively, but still simple when making recommendations to friends. The reason why I say my style is boring is because it never changes. I have a staple uniform that only alters in colours. With colours, I am getting a little better; previously I stuck to navy blue, now I experiment wth colours, but usually in block form. Sometimes I try to inject very little elements of current trends in my dressing, but it doesn’t come naturally, as I don’t like or believe in trends. I verge towards well-known designers, but buying their discreet goods. At the end of the day, one still wants to be appreciated for one's spending power.

This all sounds like the ramblings of a drunken socialite, but I'm just trying to give you an insight to me, an introduction, a background really. Coming up next, Style...

Style by Alistair

This is all about style, not trends, not fads, not hype, but simple style. Stylish fashion, stylish people, stylish lifestyles, stylish interiors, etc. I've tried writing other blogs that looked at inner feelings, emotions, la la la, but really its time to stick to what I know best; style (and drinking, lol). As Coco Chanel put it, "Fashion passes, style remains."

B.T.W. the title was inspired by CNN's Style by Elsa Klensch from the 90s.