Thursday, May 17, 2007

Non-Poker Face

During my daily read of the Times (British) online, I came across an article in the Fashion + Beauty section (the very few relevant bits of the paper) promoting the benefits of taking extra care of your appearance when you're feeling down. Apparently it helps with depression or proves a worthy distraction when suffering from depression. But you see the only personal objection I have here is this; whenever I'm down, you don't really need to look at what I'm wearing, my face tells the whole story. I have a 100% 'non-poker face'. You can gauge my reaction very easily by watching my face. the time has come to put a stop to it. So now i am looking for tips on how to mask one's true feelings. Suggestions are gladly appreciated.

I just realised I haven't shared any music on this blog yet, very odd. Anyway, Well we'll start with something very calm thats so beautiful to listen to;

Sting - When We Dance

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