Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Just A Little Blue

I've been trying to get inspiration to come up with a post for today, and also get through all the work I have to do at my office today. I suspect my boss is trying to get me out of here quicker than my one month notice period, and when I say quicker, I mean this Friday. Well, I don't mind as long as they agree to pay me for the rest of the month. London here I come, just a little bit earlier. Which brings me to the next topic, how should I spend my time in London? Shopping is a given, but what else could I do to occupy my time? I was thinking walks on the Embankment listening to my Ipod like I used to. Some alternative clubbing, i.e. dodgy underground club somewhere in East London where everyone is off their faces on drugs, but that always leaves me feeling bored. I could do an internship in the Guardian's Style dept which a friend helped arrange last year, but I wasn’t able to make it. Hmm... that’s the best idea I have come up with so far.

I went to a very boring dinner party last night at Mr. Chang. It's a new Chinese restaurant on Awolowo Road. Very unimpressive. Oh well. However I am looking forward to an apple pie at Roberts CafĂ© with a friend, an ex-colleague this evening. She has an amazing fashion label, beautifully simple dresses, and she’s doing a sample sale. I have been appointed her PR Supremo person, so we are meeting this evening to come up with ideas for the sale. I will post pictures of her stuff soon enough.

And to round up, here are some children's letters to share with you, they are so adorable;

Thank you.

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