Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What Have I Done To Deserve This

Pls excuse the dramatic title, it's just the song that I am listening to at the moment, by Pet Shop Boys. It's funny I keep discovering popular 80s and 90s pop artist lately; Crowded House, Paul Young, Dire Straits, very interesting.

Ok, on to today activities. I am going house hunting today. Looking for serviced apartments for my possible new boss, he wants to employ me as social manager. What kind of a rubbish post is that, doesn't he know that I am more than a pretty face. I was actually thinking of Business Development Management or Strategy, this would allow time for my afternoon 'personal maintenance appointments.'

UPDATE: While chatting to ex-shag/sometime partner on msn, my friend comes online and tells me she got her Birkin 3 weeks ago. That fucking bitch! I am still waiting for my bloody travel size one (in either plum, black, or brown, ;), not that i have the money to afford it right now. But in time, i will have turned enough tricks to afford its hopefully. This is the day i finally realised that i am on the wrong career path.

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