Friday, April 4, 2008

Well Dressed Men, With Personality

Came across the following extracts from I love the Mankin (large size Birkin) and I totally totally love the way the Dao-Yi Chow is dressed. He is simply too cool for skol. Loves It!;

GQ: The Well-Dressed Rebel

Beat Up the Pretty Things

Nathaniel Goldberg, Photographer

“There’s a person at the Serpette flea market in Paris who specializes in secondhand Hermès bags. I bought these about ten years ago; they’re probably from the late ’60s or early ’70s. I paid about $2,000 apiece, but I take both of them with me everywhere, always as carry-on luggage. One I pack with clothes, the other with shoes, toiletries, and a computer. You travel in style, but you pay for it with how heavy they get. It’s a painstaking experience, but I still do it. You have beautiful bags; you want them with you.”

• The fact is, quality will cost you. But if you invest in a classic piece by a label like Hermès—whose craftsmanship is undisputed—consider it money well spent.

Bags by Hermès. Vest and shirt by 45rpm. Jeans by A.P.C. Cap by Browning. Glasses by Number (N)ine. Watch by IWC.

Tame Your Tux

Dao-Yi Chow, Designer, Public School

“If you look at my outfit, it’s formal from the waist up and nontraditional from the waist down. It’s the perfect balance between luxe and edge. There’s still a fashion component to it, but the way you put it together, you’re not fashion. To pull it off, you have to pay attention: You have to keep the lines from the jacket to the jeans—and the jeans to the shoes—in proportion.”

• The reason Dao-Yi’s outfit works so well is he pays as much attention to the fit of his jeans as he does to his tailored tux jacket. They’re perfectly in sync with each other.

Tuxedo jacket and jeans by Alexander McQueen. Shirt by Dolce & Gabbana. Bow tie by Polo by Ralph Lauren. Sneakers by Balenciaga.

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